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Wreath laying at Bastion Veere without press

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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and President Chan Santokhi, together with Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, laid a wreath today at the Monument Bastion Veere in Fort Zeelandia. Relatives of the men shot on December 8, 1982 were also among them.

While the press and some of the relatives were waiting for a signal, the wreaths were already laid. Journalists had been told by security that they would be given a sign to record the wreath laying.

After the ministers were down again, protests were made against the course of events. Prime Minister Rutte saved the situation somewhat by stating that she will then be returned to the monument. Photos were taken at Bastion Veere with relatives.

The NDP, among others, criticized the laying of wreaths at the monument of December 8, 1982. As a protest, the NDP faction in the National Assembly laid a wreath at the Monument of the Fallen on the Waterfront. The extraordinary public meeting has also been boycotted.





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