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Will Port Nickerie replace Dubai as the second Dubai in SU?

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I intended to ask this question to W. Teter, CEO of Phoenix Development Company, at the formal meeting of the Port of Nickerie on November 21, but I was unable to do so.

Afterward, I found that many people had doubts, in part because of their experiences with the well-known HPGS project and the founding of SURFIN N.V. The question is: Is the government once more engaged in “such a project”?

Following the media release of my article What is the cause for the postponement of the FID by TotalEnergies, Staatsolie presented a thorough overview of the advancement of the exploratory activities in block 58 on December 1st. The presentation’s conclusion was that no oil or gas will be produced before 2027.

Additionally, Annand Jagessar, CEO of Staatsolie, stated that PDC is another firm working on a gas project, but that Staatsolie is not aware of it and has no affiliation with it.

Because there won’t be any gas until 2027 and Firebird LNG still plans to export LNG earlier in 2025, misunderstanding has grown.

Before we address the subject of where the gas will come from, we will first clarify for the benefit of this article’s readers what the investments at the Port of Nickerie will be.







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