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Why is re-arranging necessary?

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Melvin Bouva of the NDP in Congress questions the necessity of the ministerial shuffle. The second half of the budget has been revealed by the president, and it appears that the government will reward itself with a pay raise of 50%, several traveling ministers, and a reshuffle of two to three ministers. What purpose does rearranging serve? The populace is not anticipating a shakeup. We want policy, and if it involves an effective reorganization, then reorganize the entire executive branch, including the president and vice president, Bouva remarked.

According to Bouva, there must be clarity in the next two years about what the people can look forward to when it comes to policy. People at the center means priority for public health and education. “Man stands nowhere”.

A few weeks ago, President Chandrikapersad Santokhi and Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk announced the reshuffling of not only the team of ministers, but also the boards and supervisory boards of parastatal companies. However, once again weeks have passed and the government is completely silent about this.



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