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We’ll talk about tax legislation next week

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Politie sluit supermakten die 02 uur in de ochtend nog open ...

Een gemengd eenheid van de politie heeft in de vroege ochtend van zondag 29 januari 2023 op twee locaties aan de Pater Weidmanstraat kordaat opgetreden tegen twee supermarkthouders op no. 90 en no. 56...

The tax rules will be discussed and approved by the National Assembly (DNA) the following week. Since the administration had promised to alter some tax laws before the value added tax (VAT) went into force on January 1, a number of DNA members have raised worry that these laws have not yet been put on the agenda.

The DNA chairman Marinus Bee asked the members to only schedule appointments for Tuesday and Thursday. We have to reach the targets, so we don’t know how long we’ll meet, Bee added.

He suggested debating the Tourism Act after December. There were still fifteen minutes remaining to finish the second round of debate in parliament on the Tourism Act and the Surinamese Tourism Authority (STA) Institution Act after the Credit Fund Production Act was approved. It was suggested that the round be finished on Thursday anyhow.

Since it had already been decided to finish the second round, DNA Vice President Dew Sharman proposed doing so. Due to scheduled committee meetings, it was also impossible to meet on Thursday.

The week after is reserved for discussing tax laws. Since the tax laws will be addressed next week, the proposal to deal with the Tourism Act could also be ignored.






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