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We have undoubtedly earned a terrible reputation, both abroad and at home

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Oud-staatshoofden Wijdenbosch en Shankar delen inzichten met...

Voormalige Surinaamse staatshoofden Jules Wijdenbosch en Ramsewak Shankar hebben woensdag hun inzichten gedeeld met de huidige president Chandrikapersad Santokhi. Deze ontmoeting vond plaats in het ka...


This past weekend, DNA member of the VHP faction Rui Wang expressed his extreme disapproval of the plundering of several traders in the city center. “I find it inconceivable that we Surinamese would mistreat our own citizens. Personally, I have nothing against protest. People have the freedom to express themselves and to gather in groups since we live in a democratic country. But this has broad implications.

Wang claimed that the merchants are dealing with a significant amount of damage if we include all the stores that have been ransacked and pillaged. “From the video from last Friday, it appears that everything was planned, including where they traveled and how they got there. They profited from the circumstance. We must identify these individuals.

Wang argued that this problem should not be ignored. Wang contends that a favorable business climate must be provided for entrepreneurs. We are reconstructing the country, but we need the entrepreneurs as well, so we can’t do it without them.

Wang asserts that given the current national and international circumstances, Suriname has unquestionably earned a negative reputation. “The government must stop this from happening. The perpetrators must be held accountable, and harsher measures must be applied,” Wang stated.







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