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We are severely cash-strapped, according to President Santokhi

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“Cash is quite tight for us. The government had a lot more trouble last month paying salaries and allowances, albeit sometimes we don’t reveal everything. After the Pomeroon Caribbean Coconuts and Spices company’s Pomeroon Coconuts and Spices project was introduced in the Coronie district”, President Chan Santokhi made this statement.

The president claims that the transfer of civil servant wages took place late last week. Salaries are typically paid between the 23rd and 24th of each month. According to Santokhi, this should already be a sign that the government’s ability to manage its budget was somewhat more hampered.

There are two factors at play that made things more difficult for the government financially. “As a country you must have a lot of income. The tax authorities should collect much more money. Customs can also collect many more taxes.”

According to Santokhi, the collection of taxes from these two government services is very poor. More investment is needed to efficiently collect taxes. The president also indicated that he had received apps in which people indicated that they had not received their purchasing power boost of SRD 1,800. It was said that if the president speaks to the minister, things can be sorted out in no time, but that also needs to change, says Santokhi. According to him, the structures within the ministries do not work well if so many detours have to be made.

Society’s criticism of the government about the increase in purchasing power is right that it is being received late. The president also confirmed that the group that has registered for purchasing power strengthening will be expanded. The government will do everything it can to ensure that no one is forgotten.

There have been discussions in the government council in which the organization of the gold sector was also discussed. The Minister of Natural Resources, David Abiamofo, indicated that the state order for the regulation of the gold sector has already been approved.

The president says that the funds have now been approved to go to the areas and carry out the work. There may be no money in the budget, but this will be discussed during the discussion of the budget for the 2024 service year. More income can also be generated from this sector.






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