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Water Platform installed by Minister Abiamofo

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The Water Platform has been set up at the Ministry of Natural Resources (NH), according to Minister David Abiamofo. On Wednesday, April 5, 2023, this occurred. Over three years, the platform will provide the government with advice on the national water policy strategy and how various ministries should carry it out. The platform will also support capacity building, knowledge sharing, and awareness raising in the area of water conservation.

Representatives from many organizations with connections to the fields of water management and sanitation are present on the Water Platform. They are: Christiaan Huisden, Radjen Ramkisoen, Herman Jinti, Dewdath Bhaggoe, Reina Ormskirk, Rathna Kewal, and Xaviera. Gonda Asadang is in charge of the platform, Director of Water at the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Minister David Abiamofo spoke about the Ministry of New Hampshire’s role in water events, including the creation of the water policy and its coordination and implementation. Additionally, many organizations have a connection to water and run their own initiatives. The NH minister asserts that higher-level coordination can be planned. The water platform was set up for this purpose as well.

The advent of the Water Platform will help to successfully achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6, which is to ensure that everyone has access to sustainable water and sanitation management. Also, the “Water Action Agenda,” which was agreed upon on March 24 during the UN water summit in New York.





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