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Vreedzaam: Para should utilize the tourism strategy

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In the plantations and village communities, Para has the biggest tourist attractions, claims NDP legislator Jennifer Vreedzaam. She asserts that the strategic tourist strategy should reflect the customary rights of specific regions. The agenda item of the law of the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples must also be included. According to Vreedzaam, if greater local decentralization is incorporated, a new formulation must be explored for that section. Certain portions of the Para district are home to indigenous people, and the strategic tourism plan must take into account their customary rights.

Further, according to Vreedzaam, when government formulation is required and funding must be decentralized, this must also be taken into consideration with the assistance of the district and local levels. Although it does exist, customary law is not firmly entrenched. Although there is no law governing this, it must be considered.



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