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VP and President: The national interest must take precedence

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On Monday, President Chan Santokhi and Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk underlined the positive dynamic among the nation’s leaders and emphasized the importance of upholding the national interest above all else. They have committed to raising concerns that require more debate in accordance with current procedures, consultation sessions, and special meetings. The interview happened at Zanderij’s Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport.

The president has reiterated the value of mutual consultation and dialogue. It is to be anticipated that there will be disagreements on specific political or policy matters. Both administrations are conscious of the pressure on the government to improve Suriname and are confident that, despite the hardships involved, the government is on the correct path. In this context, both political leaders stress the need for peace and order in this stage in order to achieve the mutually agreed-upon objectives and the need of not betraying the confidence that has been given. According to the Suriname Communications Service, the coalition and the top government will hold more intense political and administrative consultations to achieve this.

The government of Suriname began a process to improve the country in July 2020 through an alliance of political parties, built on the shared principles of democracy, the rule of law, and good governance. This objective is still intact and standing. This sums up an extensive, open, and fruitful discussion between the president and vice president of the Republic of Suriname regarding the path the country is taking in terms of growth and the efforts being made.

Since the government took office, a system of weekly consultations has been established at the top of the government. During these meetings, potentially delicate political and administrative issues relating to government policy are discussed beforehand and a consensus is reached for further consideration. According to recent statements made by President Santokhi, this path is not simple and is accompanied by numerous political, administrative, and financial difficulties. These obstacles will need to be removed by political and administrative action by a responsible administration and government.

The program for stabilization and urgency has now been finished. In order to achieve even more concrete achievements in terms of quality of life and purchasing power in 2023 and 2024, the government has launched a number of policy priorities and programs. The goal at this point is to achieve solid, sustainable growth and recovery.

The President and Vice President have recently engaged in extensive discussions to share key thoughts regarding the necessity of a robust and independent Public Prosecution Service and judiciary in response to several contemporary concerns. All of the concerned interlocutors’ perceptions, perspectives, and insights were taken into consideration.







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