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Vorswijk satisfied; more than 10,000 citizens receive land papers

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In the recent period, the Ministry of Land Policy and Forestry Management (GBB) has made a lot of catching up when it comes to issuing land papers. Minister Dinotha Vorswijk is pleased with the results that have been achieved so far. The minister looks back with satisfaction, because she has held sway at the department for more than a year.

Vorswijk not only talks about learning moments, but also about good cooperation with her management team, as a result of which a lot has been achieved. “I did not do it alone, of course together with the management team.”

As a team, they have been able to give and encourage each other the necessary support to better accommodate the citizenry in the field of land allocation. “Although there have been difficult moments, so far we have succeeded in arranging a lot of declarations of readiness and allocation decisions for the citizens who have waited so long,” says the minister.

In the past period, the GBB minister has been able to issue more than 10,000 land papers in the various districts together. “It took a lot of energy,” she adds. Vorswijk says that as GBB’s main responsibility, she must ensure that land decisions are put in order; in the sense that these pieces are completely ready to be published.

Low pit

The Soil Inspectorate Department plays an important role in the issue of land. Officials of this department go into the field for research, which is a requirement before a declaration of readiness or allocation decision is drawn up.

Although there are currently enough and experienced soil inspectors with 20 pieces, equipment is a major challenge for this department. For example, transport and computers are the most necessary needs of the Ground Inspectorate.

“The Ground Inspectorate is still producing at a low level, but there is enough crew,” says Minister Vorswijk. However, the efforts of the staff have contributed to the fact that more than ten thousand citizens who waited a long time for their land papers finally received them within two years.










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