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Visit of the robotics team to President Santokhi

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Vandaag 25 november 2022 heeft president Santokhi in zijn functie als Caricom voorzitter, een derde speciale Caricom meeting geleid. Het thema van de meeting is ‘special heads on Haïti’. De meeting...

Suriname’s robotics team competed in the International Robotics Challenge in the style of the Olympics in Switzerland under the banner “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.” On November 4, the team went to see President Santokhi. In a field of 163 nations, this team of 5 students and 2 mentors came in at number 36.

President Santokhi’s administration places a high importance on education and is attempting to alter things up and better adapt education to meet practical demands. Science and technology are intrinsically tied to education, which is crucial to the nation’s progress. Because of this, the head of state also lauds the robotics team’s accomplishment.

President Santokhi commended the team, complimented the individuals for doing a great job of representing Suriname, and expressed gratitude to the sponsors that made participation possible.



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