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Viren Ajodhia Resigns as Finance Adviser

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Viren Ajodhia, adviser to the Minister of Finance and Planning, has resigned. When asked, Ajodhia told the media that he has thanked him for personal reasons as of September 1. However he will remain available until September 12 for the transfer of projects under his management. One of the projects he drew is ‘Oli Moni’.

In Ajodhia letter of resignation to Minister Armand Achaibersing he stated that they have taken on great challenges together over the past two years and have also endured a lot. In public opinion, unfortunately, these two are not inversely but directly proportional.

About the project ‘Oli Moni’, Ajodhia said that he is handing over the project. Because it shouldn’t depend on one person. He said further that he waive from all possible provisions at the expense of the State now and in the future, including any compensation or pension.



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