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Village captains wash their hands because it’s unacceptable given what could happen

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The government itself is working on civil disobedience, as was revealed last week during a press conference of the indigenous people. This came after formal agreements were reached following the Pikin Saron incident on May 2. For instance, the job would be momentarily suspended there. On the other side, the government has now decided to use the National Army (NL) to assist local businesspeople. Do the village captains absolve themselves of potential future events? We are aware of this group’s boldness and the fact that there is a lull before the storm. Should the local business community exercise caution, or should the government exercise caution? Will the group now travel into the city to deliver a strong message?

In any event, it is obvious that the government has failed to con this dissident group once more. Additionally, the shotguns that the populace uses to procure their food source have been seized. It follows that you are acting knowingly as a government and that you anticipate it to be saddened when money is taken from the region and it finally receives nothing from it.

It was also disregarded that the organization had traveled in great numbers to the city to express its views and to let the administration know that it was no longer accepting them. This government combination’s carefree attitude will undoubtedly disadvantage it and encourage civil disobedience.

According to reports, the prosecution is not even accelerating the inquiry into the deaths of the two indigenous that the organization had sought. If business owners had perished, the tragedy would have been much better understood. When the calf drowns, people will want to re-fill the well.





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