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VIDS urges the government to take real action

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The Association of Indigenous Village Chiefs in Suriname (VIDS) requests that the government take specific action. The group met with President Chan Santokhi and a number of ministers at the government’s invitation. The President’s Office meeting covered the Pikin Saron security situation, the land rights issue, cyanide pollution, and issued concessions in residential areas.

Muriël Fernandes, chairman of VIDS, favors practical measures. People are sick of hearing that we are starting a conversation but that nothing ever really takes off, claims Fernandes. It has been decided that the several ministries would submit written reports to VIDS regarding the suggested strategy. The indigenous communities will then receive this information through the VIDS. On June 16, the meeting will go on.

The purpose of the conference was to address the current situation following the VIDS’s requests and ultimatum to the government the day following the happenings at Pikin Saron on May 2. Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk joined President Santokhi in attendance.

Albert Ramdin, Gracia Emanuel, Krishna Mathoera, David Abiamofo, Kenneth Amoksi, and Dinotha Vorswijk were the members of the cluster.






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