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Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk’s Easter sermon

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Jesus Christ offered himself as a sacrifice for the sake of humanity as a whole. He has accepted responsibility on our behalf so that we may have eternal life. Christ has shown that His love for people motivated Him to offer Himself completely as the sacrifice so that everyone can achieve salvation. We are all facing challenges today, but people are not expected to make the ultimate sacrifice. But just as Christ did for humanity, we can reach out to one another. We don’t always have to await a call from someone. As soon as we can connect with our sibling, that is really admirable. Our reward from the heavenly Father is assured.

Let’s follow Christ’s lead and provide individuals with fresh chances to heal. Christ has shown us the power of genuine love. Let us emulate this behavior and show the same level of love to our countrymen. Love that is unconditional and selfless. Genuine affection for one’s country and fellow citizens.

After three days, Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He did not stay in the grave. That is encouraging news for humanity’s future. Christ’s resurrection serves as a reminder for us all to never give up even on the most challenging of days. Although Easter inspires us to keep striving for development, Easter is a difficult time for Surinamese people right now.

A happy Easter is what I hope for the entire Surinamese community.

Z.E. Ronnie Brunswick, vice president MBA







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