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Veterans and former service members are appreciated by the Ministry of Defense

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The Department of Defense has lavished the veterans on the 31st anniversary of the conclusion of the Homeland War. The goal of the first Veterans Day at the Memre Buku Barracks was to honor the virtues of National Army veterans and former military members for the numerous sacrifices they had made.

The Internal War officially ended on August 8, 1992, after beginning on July 21, 1986. The efforts put forth by defense troops throughout the battle, according to Commander Colonel Werner Kioe A Sen, cannot be discounted with “just a pat on the back or thanksgiving.” The lives that have been regrettable and the traumas that people have suffered cannot be dismissed with a simple sorry, according to the army topper.

“This conflict, as bad as it was, we must remember. And that something like this should never happen again. It is also important that the generations of today and the future learn from the past. This Veterans Day is dedicated to all our veterans and veterans. Above all, let’s celebrate the brotherhood. Not only in words, but also in deeds,” said Kioe A Sen.

He is determined to invite the veterans to events more often. A number will be asked to share their knowledge with the young soldiers. “You have already left as active duty, but the relationship remains,” the commander emphasized.

For Defense Minister Krishna Mathoera, these kinds of events are important for veterans and ex-servicemen. After all, according to her, these are people who have fought for country and people. “And we can never forget this. We must continue to recognize and appreciate their merits. They are an inspiration to other servicemen because of the many sacrifices they have made.”

The intention is to make Veterans Day an annual event. The day will become an integral part of the Human Resource Management (HRM) policy for ex-servicemen and retirees.







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