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Verges will shortly be resolved

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The verges next to the roads will shortly be cleaned. Minister of Public Works Riad Nurmohamed makes this commitment (OW). The minister claims that the lack of equipment is to blame for the verges not being maintained in a conversation with the media.

The OW CEO said that although there aren’t many machines, things will change this year. The various neighborhoods’ repair backlogs will shortly be caught up by OW. According to Nurmohamed, the ministry’s resources would be used to maintain the verges and collect snaffle bits for the time being.

The various neighborhoods’ roadside maintenance has been lacking for a while. Drivers and pedestrians both lament the helpless position that results. One Pontbuiten resident laments, “The weed on the roadsides is really high.”

According to Nurmohamed, the ministry will buy two new machines. The public will soon notice a change, he predicts. Soon, the verge upkeep will take a structural approach.





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