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Van Trikt and Kromosoeto are let out of jail.

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Cheers were heard Monday when people left Santo Boma. Robert van Trikt, a former governor of the Central Bank of Suriname, and Ginmardo Kromosoeto, a former director of the Surinamese Postal Savings Bank, are permitted to release prison under specific circumstances. Van Trikt gives his mother a warm hug and exclaims, “We’re here, we’re here, praise the Lord.” Kromosoeto: “I’m glad that we may now visit with our friends, family, and relatives. completely unrestricted”

A few acquaintances, family members, and notable NDP members met the pair there. Van Trikt and Kromosoeto praise the staff members at the prison for the care they have received. Van Trikt points out that some things, like diet and educational attainment, require improvement. More legislation, according to Kromosoeto, is needed to facilitate the resocialization process.

The pair was released with restrictions earlier that day while the appeal case was pending. They are not permitted to leave the country, the court has ordered. They must also show up for each session. Because of his humanitarian and medical work, Van Trikt is exempt. Only Kromosoeto has not had his sentence lowered despite being a first-time offender. Therefore, he is currently unrestricted.

Kromosoeto declares, “I’m going to take a break and rest right now. “But I believe I’m now running in the upcoming election. For that, I’m prepared.” He explains that he will work for the party rather than run for office. He has faith that everything will work out just fine. VAN TRICKT “It is always your purpose to stand up for what is right. What are we here for if people aren’t going to fight for democracy and their rights? Freedom greatly eases the situation.”




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