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Van Trikt and Kromosoeto are demanded to serve 8 and 5 years in prison

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The Public Prosecution Service has requested eight years in prison, incarceration, a fine of SRD 500,000, or alternatively sixteen months’ detention in the appeal case of former Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) governor Robert van Trikt. In the appeal case involving Ginmardo Kromosoeto, the former director of the Surinamese Postal Savings Bank (SPSB), the public prosecution service asked five years in jail, one year of incarceration, and a fine of SRD 150,000 yesterday.

The earlier sentencing requirement has not been changed by the Public Prosecution Service. On March 6, the case will resume with the attorneys for Van Trikt and Kromosoeto taking the stand. Van Trikt admits to having no expectations of the Public Prosecution Service in an interview with media. He hands everything up to the legal system. He says, “We are waiting.

The Public Prosecution Service noted at the hearing that Van Trikt would not have adhered to the terms of his provisional release. He wouldn’t have turned up his passport, for instance, even if that was one of the requirements. The judges grant him the chance to turn in his passport.

Van Trikt asserted that he has been continually cooperative and has no intention of running away. His attorney added that New Year’s Eve was celebrated in a building on Krakalaan that was seized. According to Kromosoeto’s attorney, the Public Prosecution Service was unable to introduce any brand-new information during the hearing. He mentioned that the Public Prosecution Service is discussing the reversal of a prior judgment, but the attorney declined to elaborate because he wanted to carefully review the evidence the PPS has provided first.

The legal team for Kromosoeto will address on March 6. For instance, the Public Prosecution Service has not been able to establish that Kromosoeto is accused of belonging to a criminal organization, and the attorneys disagree with this assertion. His passport has been turned in by Kromosoeto.









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