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Van Dijk-Silos: In the “Pakittow” case, the RC is using an outdated law

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It baffles attorney Jennifer van Dijk-Silos why examining magistrate (rc) Roy Elgin still makes reference to the out-of-date Extraordinary Covid 19 SB 2020 in his ruling that Stephano “Pakitow” Biervliet would not be freed. The attorney underlines to the media that “that law no longer exists and the law of February 6, 2021 has also expired.” A statute that has passed its expiration date cannot be taken into account when determining how long to hold someone, she said. According to Van Dijk-Silos, the judiciary has also been tainted.

According to Van Dijk-Silos, Pakittow has requested a nonviolent demonstration. Tear gas and live ammunition were used to disperse the gathering that was there. The former Minister of Justice and Police asserts that such behavior is inappropriate when dealing with protesters. All international agreements and the Constitution are violated by this. She claims that the rule of law has suffered. The case was beyond the capabilities of the security services. Without the presence of the police, the individuals with other intents were pursued into the city center. Entrepreneurs in danger have been hurt. “The State made this possible. This is the pits. Security services were ineffective.”

Pakittow, according to Van Dijk-Silos, was not in control of the vandalism and theft. He was also absent. She does not comprehend why the protest’s organizer is being detained for so long. The risk of flight has not even been considered by the rc. Pakittow is being held in custody in accordance with an out-of-date law that has nothing to do with a lawful demonstration. The out-of-date law shouldn’t have been applied, even though other pieces of legislation had been invoked. “The use of lawlessness is occurring. The legislation is not respected at all. The judiciary is unconcerned with the rule of law, “van Dijk-Silos claims.

Since February 17, the president, vice president, and ministers of justice, police, and defense have all spoken. Furthermore strictly prohibited is peaceful demonstration. According to Van Dijk-Silos, this is against both the constitution and all international treaties. She thinks it’s time to involve international organizations. Van Dijk-Silos emphasizes that Pakittow’s attorneys have stated that they will file an appeal against the RC’s ruling since it should not be upheld.






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