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Van Dijk-Silos: I won my legal battle

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Because “the National Assembly now has a good concept about changing the Electoral Regulations,” attorney Jennifer van Dijk-Silos believes she has ultimately prevailed. She has brought legal action against both Assembly Speaker Marinus Bee and President Chan Santokhi (the State). She had ordered that, within two weeks of the judge’s decision, the president submit a draft law amending Articles 9 and 24 of the Electoral Regulations to reflect the Constitutional Court’s ruling.

Monique Vos has put forward a formal defense as well as a material defense on behalf of the Assembly Chairman. The judge has declared Van Dijk-Silos inadmissible, says Vos in conversation with the media. Van Dijk-Silos had demanded that when the president has submitted the draft, Bee must begin treatment within a month and he must work for quorum. The judgment has not yet been issued to the parties, so the lawyer cannot comment further on the content.

Van Dijk-Silos remarks to the media that after the submission of the summary proceedings, the president hastened to submit draft laws to the National Assembly. In the meantime, all factions of the National Assembly have jointly submitted an initiative proposal in which they go for national proportionality. Van Dijk-Silos says that the draft law is in accordance with the ruling of the Constitutional Court. It has been consulted by the committee of rapporteurs that prepares the public debate.




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