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“Use money for money for education,” said the chairman of VES.

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The level of education in Suriname is declining, according to the Association of Economists in Suriname (VES). The VES notes that even Marie Levens, the minister of education, has stated that Suriname’s average educational attainment is low.

“It becomes very difficult to expect elite sport from the economy if your society only has access to education at the primary school level. It could not even be successful in expecting amateurish economics.

In the Royal Ballroom of the Hotel Torarica, the VES celebrated the new year on Monday. Hans Lim A Po delivered a speech on the topic of “Education for Sustainable Development: Struggling or Easygoing.” Debipersad contends that education must serve as the cornerstone of Suriname’s growth if it is to be sustainable. “Education is how young Surinamese are formed. Additionally, you directly influence tomorrow’s leaders.

Minister Levens, according to Debipersad, and the government appear to be pleading for assistance. Society needs to realize how concerning it is that the people is improving its foundation, starting with the media. The VES chairman claims that it is about the segment of society that will have to carry out the labor, make the goods, and export them. Awareness is required. In the beginning, not much would change, but Debipersad claims that education levels have significantly declined.

He opposes the government, which suggests that there aren’t many resources available for schooling as well. “I wonder what the overall impact of the international travel is. Let’s put that cash on education.

The VES chairman thinks that significantly more money should be devoted to the advancement of education. Honest discussion about this is required, along with participation of those who genuinely possess the necessary expertise.







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