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US$1.5 million paid for fiber optic cable repair

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The Telecommunications Company Suriname (Telesur) has paid approximately 1.5 million US dollars for the repair of the international fiber optic cable Suriname-Guyana Submarine Cable System (SG-SCS). Telesur reported that the work started on 1 August and had since been completed.

According to the telecom company, urgent repairs had to be carried out. However, this work took longer than expected, because previously unrecognized defects came to light during the physical inspections.

Telesur has sufficient back-up capacity to handle internet traffic via the international fiber optic cables Americas II, Kanawa and ARCOS, but due to a failure of the local backup fiber optic cables at Moengo, as a result of irresponsible excavation work by third parties, customers have experience some delay.

Telesur reported that in the meantime, a report has been drawn up of the excavation damage and the invoice has been presented to the perpetrator. These costs will be recovered from the person responsible.

Regular services returned to normal from August 15 via the restored local backup fiber to Americas II, Kanawa and ARCOS, while offshore work on the SG-SCS continued.

Internet traffic will again be routed via the restored SG-SCS submarine cable, Americas II, Kanawa and ARCOS. Internet traffic is closely monitored, according to Telesur.






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