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University has 18 accredited courses

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The Bachelor’s programs in Civil Engineering and Sociology at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdeKUS) are both accredited by the National Body for Accreditation (NOVA). Civil engineering received accreditation based on a Test New Programme, while Sociology was accredited as an existing programme.

This means that there are a total of eighteen accredited programs at AdeKUS, seven of which are from the FTeW and eight from the FMijW. In 2021, the Bachelor’s program in Civil Engineering started as a new program within the Infrastructure study area. The course covers key subject areas, such as water management, road construction, traffic design, land use planning and structural support structures, which are essential in addressing the many infrastructural challenges Suriname is currently experiencing due to prevailing climate change.

The program is based on the concept of systems thinking, in which students learn from the first year to look at issues in an integrated way. Through interactive teaching methods and practical assignments, students learn to solve civil engineering issues in an analytical and practical way. As a result, the program not only offers a solid basis for a career in the professional field, but also for a master’s degree.

The Bachelor’s program in Sociology is one of the longest existing programs at AdeKUS. In 2019, a revision of the study program took place in consultation with the professional field. In the first year, students become acquainted with the basic principles of sociology and are introduced to social issues in a multidisciplinary manner.





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