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Unity common thread in celebration Day of the Maroons

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On the Maroons Day, offering and wreaths were traditionally laid at the monument on the Square of October 10,1760. This was the commemoration of the peace treaty that was concluded on that day between the then colonial administration and the Ndyuka tribe of the Maroons  in Suriname.  In this peace treaty the freedom and independence of this tribe was recognized.

The common thread of the speeches of President Chandrikapersad Santokhi, Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, and the traditional authorities has been fraternization and unity. The head of state has called on all present to leave the path of racism and discrimination and build the nation of Suriname together. The head of  government said that being more Surinamese means that everyone who lives here, regardless of ethnicity, are the multicultural product of this beautiful country. To emphasize this, the president quoted a fragment from the Surinamese national anthem.  “Wans’ ope tata komopo, wi mu’ seti kondre bun.” (It doesn’t matter  where you come from but we must set the country good.)

Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk has pointed out that the Maroons must work together with the other population groups on the construction of Suriname.  “In unity and brotherhood we will be able to develop this nation”. The authorities have laid wreaths at the monument on ‘The square of October 10’. The half canoe made of metal symbolizes the freedom of the Maroons. The figures on the side of the canoe represent the knowledge of the Maroons, while the paddle at the back symbolizes free direction and creativity.

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