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Unions and the government talk about concerns with the VAT law

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Confederation for Civil Servants’ Organizations (COL), C-47, and safety and health union leaders all met with President Chan Santokhi. They have given themselves till October 1 to retain the revised VAT law that was enacted earlier this year. Together with the trade unions, the administration wishes to examine and talk about the problematic areas of the VAT law with the National Assembly.

The meeting’s concrete suggestions will be assessed by all participants, and their viability will be thoroughly evaluated. At his cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the president hosted the unions. The new VAT law, which the unions are concerned about, was the most significant topic on the agenda of the consultation, according to the Suriname Communications Service.

The President listened to the unions’ concerns during the conversation and highlighted the value of an honest and open line of communication between the government and the unions. The President stated that in order to find solutions to the problems facing the nation, the government believes it is vital to collaborate with the unions. The government will continue to be dedicated to friendly co-operation and will make additional efforts to ensure that the VAT law is implemented fairly and successfully.

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