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Trade union requests information on the status of the November 1st VAT rise

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The safety and health unions, C-47, the united trade union movement, and others demand to know from President Chan Santokhi what is going on with the hike in the value-added tax (VAT) on fuel and utilities, among other things. On November 1, these hikes will become enforceable by law. The fuel pump’s five percent value-added tax (VAT) will rise to ten percent. The president is questioned by union leader Robby Berenstein (chairman C-47) about the current situation. The president was given a letter, and the united trade union movement needs a response by Monday at the latest.

As of November 1, every effort would be made to implement the change in the law so that the increases would not go ahead.  It is indicated that a draft legislative amendment has been prepared by the VAT evaluation committee.  This has been forwarded to the government and the National Assembly.  This concept, which was developed in close collaboration with the trade union movement, is fully supported by the joint trade unions, says Berenstein.

The joint trade unions have no insight at all into the stage at which the agreed legislative change has reached.  “We have previously pointed out to you what the practice is regarding the cost of living, and the impact on the income of workers; without the changes that have been implemented. The changes, including an increase in VAT on petrol and utilities, indicate the increase in  cost of living exponential in nature, which will make life more unbearable for the average citizen,” the letter to the president said.


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