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Tout Lui Fautkanaalweg is being tackled

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Currently work is being carried out on road and sewerage on the Tout Lui Fautkanaalweg, between Tjon A Kietweg and Lachmisinghweg. The Ministry of Public Works (OW) has given green light to commence work there. The contracting company is Kuldipsingh Infra N.V and it is currently working on 1200 meters of soil improvement.

Due to work being done on the utilities in that area, the first 1200 meters which must be asphalted this year, cannot yet start. Phase one work will last until 30 November. The Tout Lui Fautkanaalweg on the right, between the Tjon A Kietweg and the Lachmisinghweg, is completely closed with the exception of local traffic.

Passenger transport and slow traffic will be diverted via Tjon A Kietweg, Pandit Paltan Tewarieweg and Lachmisinghweg. In addition, freight traffic will be diverted via Nieuwe Grondweg and Pandit Paltan Tewarieweg. This will be indicated on site by means of road signs.

Road users and other interested parties are asked to take into account and strictly follow the directions.






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