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Tomorrow, the SPB board and President Santokhi will meet

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The Surinamese Police Association (SPB) board has agreed to meet and address the matter on Thursday night at the request of President Chan Santokhi. You can’t say no to talking, said SPB Chairman Putini Atompai to his members gathered in front of the parliament building.

He claims he has no reason to believe in President Santokhi, nevertheless. “I have no justification for sticking with this government.” The gathering throng is shouting. Many people oppose to Atompai’s suggestion that tomorrow be a rest day. He had to continuously request time to rest and lay out his complete idea. In order for them to return in force to the parliament building on Friday to hear the outcome of the chat with the president, he wants to add a day of rest tomorrow. On Friday, he has urged the cops to show up in full costume.

Atompai is only interested in discussing the withdrawal of the resolution that is “full of lies.” He has instructed the seasoned group that the resolution needs to be removed by Friday morning at 10 a.m. Atompai has halted for ten minutes to talk about his suggestion, and the crowd is agitated. After the break, it became clear that the activists do not want to know anything about a day of rest or the ending of the conference. They will be back at the parliament building tomorrow at ten o’clock. Because they are participating in a trade union action, Atompai has urged all departments, including the training department, to support the action and just sign the attendance. Police continue to deliberate, refuse to leave, and don’t take any complaints.





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