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Today’s Tripartite Consultation includes a technical and policy team

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The new Tripartite Consultation has been established by President Chan Santokhi. According to Santokhi, the President’s Office, some changes have been made to the Tripartite Consultation in light of the growing understanding that has resulted from the first special Tripartite Consultation as well as the socioeconomic and financial-economic developments that have materialized.

The Tripartite Consultation will now function on two levels, a technical team and a policy team. The technical team will develop the policy priorities, maybe create new issues, and submit them to the policy team. The policy team will set and oversee the policy priorities. Ministers with the authority to make policy choices now serve as the government’s representatives in the body.

Stanley Raghoebarsing, secretary of finance and planning, serves as the team’s leader. Sonny Kertoidjojo will serve as the technical team’s chairman, and Malti Baboeram Panday will serve as the team’s secretary. In addition, there are seven government representatives, three union representatives, and four business representatives. Up until the end of December 2024, the new trilateral consultation will be ongoing.

The consensus model is the preferred method of operation, according to President Santokhi. It is best to take as few unilateral stances as possible. Additionally, it must be avoided that no decisions be made as a result of the parties’ inability to reach an understanding. The previous group established in September 2021, according to the president, did an excellent job producing a Tripartite Agreement.





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