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To put an end to the epidemic in Nickerie, LVV donates rat poison

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The LVV (Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries) today gave 19 paddy farmers 500 kg of rat poison. This is the initial portion of a batch of rat poison that LVV will provide to farmers in the most afflicted districts, according to acting Director of Agriculture Soedeschand Jairam. The acting director claims that because Nickerie’s other agricultural sectors are also plagued by rat infestations, poison will also be made available to those who work in those fields, such as horticulturists.

This initial shipment of rat poison and the tubes into which it must be injected was prompted by Minister Parmanand Sewdien’s visit to Nickerie on Christmas Day, during which he was able to observe the harm done to paddy plantations in the Henar region. So, one of the things is to donate rat poison to the industry.

A concentration of broken rice and paddy that must be applied in quantities of 50 grams in plastic or bamboo tubes spaced 20 meters apart on the dams of the acreages is the poison that was delivered to farmers on Friday afternoon. Jairam claims that the government depends on the supplier to determine how much and in what amounts the poison can be made in order to be given to more farmers in the most severely afflicted areas.



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