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To provisionally examine meat, LVV employs veterinarians

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To accommodate the work of the activist inspectors, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries (LVV) has implemented emergency measures. In order to ensure that there is no scarcity, LVV minister Parmanand Sewdien tells the media that a few veterinarians have been freed to complete the meat checks.

The minister claims that he communicates with the inspectors and that it is untrue that they are unable to speak. Sewdien says, “Problems have been discussed, and things are being corrected, but it takes some time.” All of the papers have previously been created in collaboration with the union leader and delivered to the president’s office. After being handled there, they are now with the internal affairs department to continue the conversation.

The minister claims that he has always had good relations with the union president and that he finds it outrageous that the best course of action—calling a strike—was taken so quickly. Sewdien asserts, “We understand their urgency, but that procedure must still be followed.”





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