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To change the course of events in Haiti, Santokhi wants to act soon

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“We watch helplessly as more and more gang atrocities are done in Haiti every day. As a member state of CARICOM, we cannot carry on as usual. We must take action right away. Therefore, immediate and crucial international support is required. President Chan Santokhi has urged for an immediate action in Haiti while speaking at a Zoom conference of the leaders of state and government of Caricom.

The president observes that indiscriminate assaults, such as sexual and gender-based violence, widespread kidnappings, extortion, and other forms of harassment, are being committed against women, men, and children. The attacks have already impacted access to essential services, humanitarian aid, and food security.

While efforts are being made by the region and the international community to help Haiti, President Santokhi said the situation is extremely complex and is getting more complicated by the hour. He therefore believes that suggestions from the Kenyan government should also be supported. The African country is prepared to send a multinational force of 1,000 men to Haiti. According to the president, such gestures should be used to put an end to the violence, reports the Suriname Communication Service.

The situation is bad in Haiti, but it can still be brought under control, Santokhi believes. “Especially with the support of some CARICOM member states, such as the Bahamas, Jamaica and Trinidad, who have also expressed their desire to help.” The head of state also expresses Suriname’s support for all countries that are making an effort for recovery. He says the Haitians deserve better. He calls on them to come together and show political will to promote concrete action.






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