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Tjin Liep Shie: We’re not kidding

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VSB roept op geen deuren te sluiten tijdens protest

Activisten, die van plan zijn om op 24 maart weer acties te voeren, hebben het bedrijfsleven geadviseerd de deuren te sluiten. Het bestuur van de Vereniging Surinaamse Bedrijfsleven (VSB) roept op tot...

“No, we’re not joking. The predicament is really dire. Somebody must put a stop to this. We do not want to travel to Haiti or other nations where the government has lost control.” The president’s security adviser, Humphrey Tjin Liep Shie, expresses his displeasure by declaring that the security forces will have to use force if required. We can’t allow our situation to deteriorate any further.

The security consultant claims that there are guidelines for calmly expressing emotions. He claims that criminal behavior has nothing to do with exercising democracy. To maintain control of the situation, all institutions have been established. According to Tjin Liep Shie, who points out that the individuals’ illicit and punishable behaviors are condoned on social media, “you question if these people are genuinely Surinamese.” He issues a warning to prevent us from slipping into an unmanageable situation. In any event, the authorities won’t pass up a chance to keep things under control.

Law enforcement will make sure that everyone’s rights are upheld. While peaceful protest is a right, others have rights as well. The security services are under unique directives and will behave differently while adhering to all legal requirements. “We will not put up with anarchy. Accept responsibility and refrain from taking part in calls for street protests “Tjin Liep Shie stated. “People return to democratic norms, and if you step outside, the security services are forced to take aggressive action. It’s enough already.”

Commander Colonel Werner Kioe A Sen also denounced Friday’s activities as a pure example of chaos, disorder, and lawlessness. “The military won’t stand for it; it’s at rock bottom.” The army commander asserts that they will act independently if necessary despite the fact that the army and police currently collaborate and the army has fewer rights when it comes to search and detention. For this, arrangements have been made.





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