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Tijgerbank will not be given out as a concession, Brunswijk guarantees

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Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk guarantees that the Tijgerbank won’t be given away as a concession. Brunswijk asserts that there is no gold in the Tijgerbank, leaving the question of how the concession would be spent. The Tijgerbank off the coast of the Galibi Nature Reserve will not be provided as a concession, Brunswijk reiterated before to the opening of the Council of Ministers meeting. One of Suriname’s few sandbanks is the Tijgerbank.

It was recently reported that the National Forestry Service (LBB) will look into whether the Tijgerbank is a nature reserve, according to Minister Dinotha Vorswijk of Land Policy and Forest Management. There was discussion on a potential Tijgerbank problem. In a statement to the media, Vorswijk stated that she had received a letter from the President’s Cabinet seeking an investigation to determine whether the Tijgerbank is a part of a protected area.

The letter has been conveyed by Vorswijk to LBB, and an investigation has been asked for. “I am currently awaiting LBB’s findings. The President’s Office will then get this report, says Vorswijk.

Social media is rife with documents that claim the Tijgerbank would be granted as a mining concession. A Tiger Bank has not been issued, the government assures. The letter to Minister Vorswijk makes it quite apparent that this area may be issued. The minister is still unsure about the Tijgerbank intended use as a concession. A distinct ministry is responsible for concessions involving sand, gravel, or any other sort of resource, according to the minister.

Galibi’s citizens are not happy with the government’s decision. Concessionary issuance of The Tijgerbank is not permitted. Galibi’s village leaders and basjas are adamantly opposed to the Tijgerbank being given a concession. Selowin Alamijawari, the village leader of Langamankondre, recently told media that his people “won’t tolerate this and are currently being taken into consideration.”

Because there are so many fish and shrimp to be found there, the bank attracts a variety of bird species. Turtles come to the bank to lay their eggs as well. In recent years, the Tijgerbank as developed into a popular tourist destination. Look at what is currently occurring with Braamspunt. We don’t want the Tijgerbank to suffer the same fate,” Alamijawari remarked.

The village leader asserts that although this sandbank was not formally designated as a protected area until recently—roughly 15 years ago—it can still be considered one. “The Galibi Nature Reserve is accessible by foot from this bank. On the Tijgerbank, there are numerous endangered species. Therefore, it qualifies as a protected area, according to Alamijawari.










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