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Through the use of ICT, Suriname and Curaçao hope to improve tax procedures

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After a meeting in Suriname between the Ministers of Finance of Curaçao, Javier Silvania, and Minister Stanley Raghoebarsing, a follow-up meeting took place in Morocco last week.  Both ministers attended the IMF/WB 2023 annual meeting in Marrakech.  In the field of taxes, it quickly became clear that there are various issues that both countries need to address and that work can be done more efficiently, including through the use of ICT.

It turned out that Suriname and Curaçao use the same ICT systems.  Moreover, both countries use the expertise of the same company in the process of privatization of the Tax Authorities through the establishment of an Authority.  Experiences and success stories within the tax authorities were exchanged.

Ultimately, an exchange program was agreed and a delegation from the Surinamese Tax Authorities will soon visit Curaçao.  This will serve as a basis for structural cooperation between the tax authorities of both countries.




The progress of concluding a tax treaty between Suriname and Curaçao was also discussed.  Initially, this specifically concerns a Double Taxation Agreement between both countries.  A number of discussions have already taken place at official level and will continue.







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