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Three schools were renovated with US military assistance

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Three schools in Suriname are undergoing renovations thanks to a partnership between the South Dakota National Guard and the Suriname National Army. It relates to OS Mariburg, OS Afobaka, and OS Blauwgrond. According to Krishna Mathoera, the defense minister, the renovation effort is all about helping the kids. Improving the classroom atmosphere for the kids so they can study more effectively and lay a stronger basis for their future. The South Dakota National Guard and the US government are totally funding the initiative, she claims.

The US ambassador to Suriname, Robert Faucher, noted that it is a significant event. According to Faucher, it is also a component of the state collaboration program between Suriname and the US, which has been running for 16 years. Over $19,000 has been spent on supplies for the three schools. Additionally, a special donation of roughly $15,000 in school supplies was made. Each student at each school undergoing refurbishment will also receive a school bag with some materials. The foundation of a strong democracy is a good education system.



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