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This year’s minimum hourly wage has been reached

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Minister Steven Mac Andrew of Labor, Employment and Youth Affairs told journalists prior to the opening of the Council of Ministers (RvM) meeting that the employment issue still concerns him. The minister says that the contrast in business is still striking. There are people who claim they cannot find employment, while on the other hand, there are firms who struggle with understaffing since it is so hard to find employees.

The degree of education and factors like improperly tailored training programs for the work market could also be to blame. Regarding education, Suriname likewise has a high rate of dropouts. Additionally, it shows that many lack the necessary training to enter the workforce. “The minister is now concentrating on delivering vocational training through the SAO’s intervention. We are also aware that individuals have different aspirations and that some employment are no longer desired by people. This will necessitate the importation of such workers, according to Mac Andrew.

There are undoubtedly other factors influencing the labor market that contribute to the fact that people are currently delaying seeking employment due to their personal circumstances, but the pay they are offered are also demoralizing, leaving many such positions vacant.

Mac Andrew also noted that individuals shouldn’t assume that others lack integrity if they lack their own. There are many persons in the workforce who act ethically and professionally. According to the minister, the minimum hourly salary has been decided upon for this year, and a new national wage council has been chosen. This council will be responsible for setting the minimum hourly rate for 2024 and focusing on follow-up procedures to assess the effects of macroeconomic conditions on the minimum wage. Mac Andrew anticipates the outcomes of the wage council and believes that the appropriate choices will be taken, which should lead to structural and conclusive success.







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