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Third Hazardous Materials Report from Presidential Working Group

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President Chan Santokhi received the third report from the Presidential Working Group on Inventory and Advice on Explosive and/or HazaPrdous Substances. The storage and transportation of explosive material outside of residential zones is given considerable consideration in this paper. Yesterday, the report was delivered, and the head of state later received a printed copy.

Recently, businesses wishing to establish facilities in Suriname for the manufacturing of the aforementioned substances confronted the working group. This objective must, however, be consistent with the government’s spatial planning strategy. Dennis Kamperveen, the working group’s chairman, clarifies in this manner.

The report also states that Iamgold and Newmont are working together to make storage facilities available for the storage of hazardous materials. The presidential working group was established in 2020 as a result of the unease brought on by the discovery that ammonium nitrate (AN) was kept in residential areas. This chemical is utilized as an explosive in mining, among other things. Since then, the majority of the AN has been eradicated from the region.

Hazardous materials are presently being removed from another storage facility. In the meanwhile, stakeholders have attended presentations on a secure path for the transportation of dangerous goods.

The ultimate objective is to have the transportation of explosive or hazardous materials take place along designated routes, primarily outside of residential areas and to the greatest extent feasible via waterways.






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