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“There is no place in government for people with a criminal record”

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 VHP-fractieleider Asiskumar Gajadien pleit in een gesprek met TBN Prime Alert  voor ordening van de goudsector. Als de wetgeving aangepast wordt zal het land er voordeel aan hebben. Volgens de volksv...

Several non-parliamentary parties sent the Speaker of Parliament a letter last week regarding the election system overhaul. Since then, lawmakers have introduced a number of proposals that are relevant to changing the election system. The DA’91 chairman, Angelic Del Castillo, says it’s encouraging that solutions are being proposed. “That indicates that progress is being made and that society’s request is being taken seriously. Every person has a responsibility to inform parliament of our collective desires so that it has the opportunity to address the ambitions of the people. A joint position has been taken and that position is ‘one person, one vote, one value’. This occurs in the proposal of the VHP. Based on this, we have also written our own draft of the legislative amendment to the electoral regulation and also a constitutional amendment for Article 61,” says the DA’91 top woman.

DA’91 still has a very long list of things that people would like to adjust, but at this stage attention should not be diverted from what is important now. “That at the DNA level we have a fair and just way of electing where each citizen’s vote has the maximum power and freedom to choose whomever it wants.” DA 91 can be found in the amendments proposed to the term of office. It is normal for the party that one should not have a criminal record if one wants to hold the position of vice president or president. “We regret that legislation is necessary because as a party we have always made that demand, even for members of parliament, local council and district council members”. According to the chairman, people with a criminal record cannot be on the DA’91 list. “That it has to be made into a law says a lot about the moral standards as a people”.

Article 56 in the proposal of the VHP, which indicates that the DNA can be dissolved by state decree from the government, is unacceptable according to Del Castillho. “This is how we get to the power of the citizen’s voice. We hope that that article will be removed, then we will be very pleased that our idea will be put on the agenda in DNA”. Castillho said that the feasibility of changing the electoral regime is feasible and should not pose a problem.




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