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The US wants to do business, but Suriname’s stability is important

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President Chan Santokhi and US Ambassador Robert Faucher aim to strengthen their existing partnership. The envoy claims that his nation is interested in trading with and investing in Suriname. At a reception, the ambassador stated that Suriname needs to establish stability right now in order to attract US businesses. To accomplish this, we intend to cooperate with the Surinamese administration.

The goal of President Chan Santokhi is to improve ties with the US. He places a strong emphasis on the value of business relationships. The US envoy felt privileged to host the chief of state at his apartment.

Earlier this year, Ambassador Faucher gave the president a presentation of his credentials. According to the Suriname Communication Service, Santokhi emphasized the value of deepening the relationship, particularly in the context of conducting business.

America is a nation of entrepreneurs that have the rare ability to create resilient, revolutionary companies. The president expressed his desire for businesspeople and investors to grasp the significant prospects that Suriname presents.

Santokhi is eager to see advancements in military and defense collaboration in addition to business. He claims that Suriname values the US-supported development of law enforcement capacity. The Surinamese government is dedicated to enhancing international collaboration in the fight against corruption and transnational organized crime. The head of state hopes that the alliance with the US may grow in a way that benefits both parties.






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