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The traffic patrols are active again when school begins

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Books are provided to IOL by the Bonaire Scholarship

The School Community of Bonaire sent a cargo of Mathematics, Physics, Dutch, English, and Spanish textbooks to the Institute for the Education of Teachers (IOL). The books, which arrived with the mili...

The traffic patrol training program for students which was stopped for three years has resumed this year. The traffic patrol will draw attention to the various crossing points in Suriname by means of their stop signs.

The community is therefore asked to be alert when they are in traffic and to cooperate with the students traffic patrol when they are on their duties.

The Ministry of Justice and Police also advises that driving should be at a moderate speed when in the area of schools where there are no traffic police.

The traffic patrols will be active again in October when the schools reopen. They will commence their duties in Para, Paramaribo and Wanica. Nickerie’s traffic patrols will be trained in October.


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