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The secrecy surrounding Maripaston is due to potential political motives

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Rabin Parmessar, the leader of the NDP party, thinks that the administration had to brief parliament and society thoroughly about the unrest at Grassalco in Maripaston. Only the employees who were held hostage and released thanks to an intervention team’s involvement are mentioned. Additionally, the administration has solely paid attention to what has happened at Pikin Saron. Due to the potential involvement of senior government officials, Parmessar believes that the administration is keeping quiet about Maripaston on purpose.

The indigenous population in the Maripaston area has reportedly uncovered a gold vein, according to Parmessar. They were working in the gold mines at the time. The management of Grassalco then gave the order to close the area. Politically connected persons were permitted to set up equipment and mine for gold during the closure. The fact that all of this is happening in their home and natural habitat has not gone over well with the indigenous people.

The party’s leader expects the administration will be forthcoming in this regard. Additionally, he thinks that the government had to think about how to make amends for the business owners whose trucks carrying logs were set on fire.




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