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The school Congress works to guarantee that each student has a future in education

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The forthcoming Education Congress, which is slated for October 6 and 7, is expected to be an important turning point for the nation’s educational system. The congress’s theme, “Building an Educational Future Together: Toward Powerful Contemporary Education for Every Surinamese Child,” aims to improve knowledge and insight transmission between generations while also influencing the future of the educational system in a sustainable manner.

The conference’s main goals are to promote co-ownership in education, emphasize growth through ownership of the learning process, provide discussion platforms for significant educational issues, and ensure that the voices of all Surinamese children are heard. Randy van Zichem is serving as the conference’s chair.

The substantive discussions and workshops during the congress will be evaluated and adjusted where necessary, in order to constructively influence the policy program of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (minOWC). The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will serve as guidelines, with a specific focus on goal 4, which focuses on quality education. This goal is associated with other goals, including health and well-being, gender equality, economic growth, sustainability, climate action, peace, justice and partnership.

The congress will integrate input from various sectors, with workshops, world cafe sessions and in-depth discussions with representatives of society, including teachers, students, NGOs, culture experts, parents, business, educational organizations and trade unions. This input will serve as a basis for policy proposals and actions in the short, medium and long term, with the ultimate aim of strengthening and renewing Suriname’s educational landscape.

The congress promises to be an important platform to bundle the common efforts for a future-proof education system and thus build a better educational experience for all children in Suriname.






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