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The Rosebel Gold Mines/Zijin strike is lifted

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On Monday night, the union’s strike at Rosebel Gold Mines/Zijin came to an end. The union’s spokesman, Romario Holband, informs the media that the four employees’ dismissals had been reversed with immediate effect. Victor Wu, the general manager, and the union board have written agreements. He has requested one week to organize things. The members were informed once black-and-white agreements had been reached. The decision to resume work was made during the meeting.

Holband claims that Wu’s interview demonstrates that throughout the transfer to Zijin, the management team was granted specific authority. It turned out that the general manager was unaware of a number of things that had gone wrong. The union has now informed him. The state of the sick leave policy is one of the most crucial needs. The certifications of general practitioners and experts are being disregarded. A consultant who is not a doctor and has not taken a medical oath is also given access to the medical records of the company’s employees. This needs to end.

The general manager must be honest, according to the board. He has reportedly stated that he respects the rights of employees, claims Holband. Additionally, he will speak directly with the human resources manager to discuss the collective bargaining agreement. The union and the management team have been in negotiations for nine months now without reaching an agreement. In any case, the general manager himself has requested a week, according to Holband. The agreements are also written in black and white. He anticipates that mistakes will be corrected.




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