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The recurrence of Covid

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Yesterday the media was told by the Minister of Health, Amar Ramadhin, that there is again an increase in the number of Covid infections and that there may be an obligation to wear a mouth cap again. According to Ramadhin, these are sub-variants of the Omicron, which are causing an increase worldwide. He said that they have noticed that there is already a slight increase in the neighboring countries and if it increases there, there is a possibility that it will also increase in Suriname. Ramadhin said that mean while, they have done a few recordings in the past week.

The Minister further said that a special Covid press conference will be convened during the week. He went on to say that also for the subvariants, science advises vaccination. According to Ramadhin, special vaccinations have also been made for this, in which the sub-variants are included. The minister also says that the MoHanA rules (mask on, wash hands, keep distance) are still in force. According to the Minister it is not yet known whether there will be vaccination locations again.




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