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The presidential campaign of Karin Refos

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Stas International’s Karin Refos will begin her third consecutive general election campaign. This time, a female president in 2025 is the goal. Refos claims that since it has just been proven that doing so pays off, strong women must be included in political parties. The documentary “Because they were there” will be aired through a variety of media in honor of the International Day of Women.

The number of women in the National Assembly increased significantly from 0.5% to roughly 30% as a result of the national awareness campaign OOK ZIJ for the general free and secret elections, and the world quotas were already met after one campaign was over. The campaign’s climactic documentary was produced in 2016 as its final element. This is applicable to all political parties and is encouraged by the Women in Decision Making initiative of the National Parliament.

The next step was the introduction of the national awareness campaign Balans in 2020, which aimed to advance the interests of more young people and women in the National Assembly. Refos asserts that while the proportion of women has virtually remained stable, the proportion of young people has increased significantly. She asserts that more work must be done to recruit the required quantity of individuals. More and more people are speaking up for strong, conscious women who need to reverse the tide before the elections on May 25 2025 and for female leadership at the top.

Both these women and these progressive men aggressively fought to eliminate women’s legal incapacity in 1983, according to the documentary “Because they were there”. Refos is confident that women in administrative positions will give education, health care, and policy balance a lot more thought. She says that having a woman as president in 2025 would be the pinnacle of their work.







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