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The president wants to improve ties between India and the Caribbean

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One of the things President Chan Santokhi is promoting is closer ties between the Caribbean and India. Additionally, we intend to deepen our engagement with the Caribbean region. Santokhi observes that Suriname is celebrating 150 years of Hindustani immigration this year, but he also points out that other Caribbean nations have diaspora populations.

The chief of state is certain that further collaboration between India and the Caribbean will be advantageous for the area. He emphasizes that initiatives for the Caribbean’s continued growth can be launched. “India has funding available for local projects. Before leaving Suriname on Wednesday, the president told the Suriname Communications Service, “Just imagine a regional ICT training center. He has since landed in India and begun working.

Santokhi believes that a project that could come about from closer collaboration between the two regions is the creation of a regional Ayurvedic medical facility. “India has affordable access to medications that cost a lot more outside of the country. Thus, we can purchase these medications from India at a very low price. It will be even cheaper and better for society if you can create it locally.”

In a partnership between India and the Caribbean, cooperation at the university level would be encouraged when it comes to studies and the exchange of knowledge. The head of state further asserts that it is possible to build trade ties that will be advantageous to both parties. “Trade barriers don’t prevent us from using each other’s products.” Santokhi emphasizes how crucial it is for the area to draw investors in order to make semi-finished goods at this time. Citizens of the Caricom will be able to buy items at fair pricing as a result. “The entire Caricom market, not simply the Surinamese market.”

The president believes that improved collaboration between India and the region may also have positive effects on aviation. The connection between the two regions is what the head of state is referencing. We always have to fly north and then south again to get to India, whereas you can fly South-South in between 5 and 6 hours shorter. A flight from Suriname to India may take between 18 and 21 hours based on the current flight schedules, which include a stopover in the Netherlands.







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