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The President praises the improvement of the port’s infrastructure

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Bee hekelt verdeeldheid en gebrek aan transparantie in grond...

Marinus Bee, voorzitter van De Nationale Assemblee (DNA) en secretaris van de politieke partij ABOP, heeft tijdens het radioprogramma ‘Welingelichte Kringen’ zijn ontevredenheid geuit over het huidige...

Yesterday, December 28, 2022, President Santokhi attended a significant stakeholder meeting where the design for the rehabilitation of the road network close to the port of Paramaribo and the bridge over the Saramacca Canal was presented. Van ’t Hogerhuysstraat’s surrounding road system and drainage system will be completely overhauled and rebuilt.

The Project Improving Transport and Logistics and Competitiveness Suriname (ITLCS) has been started to make sure the infrastructure complies with the current standards and to boost the competitiveness of Surinamese businesses. In January 2023, this design will be placed out to bid. The president praised the staff as a whole and praised the improvement.

The chief of state stated that in order to accomplish the IMF’s intended aims in the upcoming months, everyone would have to work together. The significant improvements will allow this project, which is financed by an IDB loan, to pay for itself. Traffic must move smoothly, and flooding must be kept to a minimum. The president expressed his satisfaction with how the concepts were presented and promised to keep track of the project personally.





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