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The president pays for a student’s medical costs

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Through his daughter Shanylla, President Chan Santokhi made a personal donation of SRD 50,000 to assist in paying the medical bills for high school student Giano Wassenaar. He attends IMEAO-2 as a pupil. Football player Wassenaar previously experienced a heart arrest. The expenditures have been partially covered by Social Affairs and Housing, and it is up to the student to figure out how to earn the remaining SRD 70,000.

The student was treated and resuscitated as a result of the medical team’s and ambulance personnel’s quick thinking. He has a pacemaker in front of him to control the rhythm of his heart. This pricey operation was partially paid by Social Affairs and the State Health Fund.

To raise the remaining SRD 70,000, the school has launched a fundraising effort. President Santokhi has taken notice of the situation and made the decision to defend this young Surinamese citizen personally. Moreover, the President’s Office contributes SRD 20,000. The operation’s expenses are entirely covered by this.

The First Lady and the President wish Giano well and send their best wishes for a long life of health and happiness. In addition, President Santokhi underscores that it is our shared responsibility to stand by one another always and to lend a hand when we can, according to the Suriname Communications Service. All obstacles may be conquered when we work together. Together, we are more powerful.





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